Granny Go Go was formed in the summer of 2009 when Bonnie Brown (the owner) saw there was a huge void for a compassionate, caring, inexpensive companion and transportation service on Vancouver Island. Originally created as a service to Seniors, the company grew in such a way that we are now serving clients of any age, our youngest at this point being 19 and our oldest 95. We not only provide companionship to shut-ins, but travel and companionship for any and all outings and excursions including medical appointments of any kind. We will escort our clients to all locations on Vancouver Island and even the Lower Mainland. We provide comfort, safety and security, a good listening ear, and do our utmost to ensure our clients have an enjoyable and memorable experience; one, we hope they will want to repeat.


We have grown from a team of 1 to a team of now 14 and counting, and have members from Campbell River in the North to the Cowichan Valley in the South and all locations in between.  Never faultering from her unwavering commitment to the happiness and well being of her clients Bonnie keeps her finger on the pulse as it were and is dedicated to ensuring that all outings are upbeat, positive and fun.  She realizes (as do all of her team members) that a positive attitude can go a long way in reassuring an apprehensive client about a worrisome situation.

Our team consists of a semi-retired LPN and RCA, a Holistic Healer, a Reike Master, two individuals who have been trained as palliative care volunteers, a retired minister and a miriad of other individuals from all walks of life.  It is having this variety of personalities available that enables us to always provide the right team member for our clients.   Once a team member and client have been teamed up and are satisfied with one another, we do not send another member to the client unless it is absolutely necessary.

Even though we are now entering our 5th year, our companion rate remains unchanged at $25.00 hourly.

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