Are you part of the “Sandwich Generation?”

DSC_5177Do you have parents, children and a career that all need your time?
Do you wish that when you did go to visit Mom or Dad that you could have quality time with them and just sit and chat or maybe take them out and do something fun?
Or are your parents here on Vancouver Island and you are a great distance away and cannot see to all of their needs?Why not let us help?
For $325.00 per month Mom and/or Dad can have a 3 hour or two 1 1/2 hour visit/outing EVERY week with one of our companions. We will get all of the shopping, hair appointments, doctors appointments, lab testing, visiting etc. out of the way for you, so that when you do get to visit with them you can just enjoy yourself and your precious time with them.  Do you go on vacation for a few weeks or months every winter and need someone t o be available for Mom and/or Dad in your abscence?  Let us help!!!  We become the individual they lean on in times of need during your abscence, and once a client has signed on with Granny Go Go our phone number becomes available to them on a 24/7 basis.  Should anything happen to mom or dad at any time, day or night all they have to do is call and their team member will be dispatched immediately to their home or the hospital if need be to reassure and comfort them until family can get there.  We take care of things like the dog being left alone at home or the personal belongings being brought to the hospital, or notifying neighbours and friends so they can watch over things, or anything else that may crop up that would be distressing for them in their time of need.  We are not a 9 to 5 Monday to Friday team, we are available anytime and all the time.


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